The Life of Lawrence and Lilian

Jed’s parents Lawrence an Lilian were well versed in the history and heritage of their Irish ancestors.  They could trace their families back to the first Irish immigrants who fled their beloved homeland.  It was during the time King James was rewriting the bible and turning their homes into plantations.  Having grown up poor taught them the value of people not materialism leaving them to focus on humanity not “things” as they called it.

Lawrence Campbell had a passion for history, philosophy and people.  When he graduated Clemson University on a full scholarship, he turned his business degree into a profitable business where he bought and sold antiques from all over the world to buyers interested in preserving history.

Through his business, Lawrence developed amazing fellowships throughout the world with citizens and governments who would love and respect his humility and honesty.  One such relationship Lawrence developed was with Diego Romano, an Italian business man and historical antiques curator.

Diego also ran a world wide syndicate and was the leader of the organization.  His syndicate (mob) had a lucrative headquarters in Newark, New Jersey.  The American Headquarters was run buy Diego’s American nephew, Frankie Costa.

Lawrence’s relationship with Diego was above all the others to the extent that Diego became Jed’s godfather.  Not in the sense of mob activities, to the contrary, Diego would see to it that Jed never crossed into the mob lifestyle.  But because Diego loved Lawrence and Lilian so much, he wanted them to be a part of his family.

It was while Lawrence was attending Clemson University, he met Lilian who was also attending Clemson studying law.

While Lilian was at Clemson, she shared her dorm with Carol Strom, an African-American woman from Beaufort, South Carolina.  Carol and Lilian became close friends with a bond as tight as sisters. After graduation, they would start a firm together in the Holy city where they defended the socially weak from the elite who fed on impoverished lowcountry families for power.  The two became known for their ferocity and legal prowess and the protection of the forgotten.

Neither Lilian, Carol or Lawrence cared for politics and shunned events that centered around political activity.  They never donated to any political candidate whether they were long time friends or not.  It was this mentality Jed and Ray adopted though they had their own political ideas.

Jed would stay in his childhood home and be tended to by Miss Mary and her husband Theodore, the Campbells hired help.  Mary did her best to carry on all traditions as if Lawrence and Lilian were still alive.  Jed was eternally grateful for these two and referred to them as his adoptive parents.

So it was that when Jed was left without parents, he would be surrounded by the pure love and devotion.