Jed Campbell is a Charleston blue blood orphaned in his impressionable teen years when his mother and father were killed as the jet they were flying in crashed in the salt marsh just shy of the North Charleston Airport.

Lawrence and Lilian Campbell, Jed’s parents, were one of the wealthiest couples in the State of South Carolina. When they died, they left their only child Jed to be looked after by a tight knit circle of the Campbells closest and most trusted friends.

As Jed entered into early adulthood, a bodyguard by the name of Ray Moretti was assigned to him to see no one tried to get close to Jed and his fortune. Ray was part of the New Jersey Syndicate, an Italian import and export company owned by Mr. Diego Romano of Calabria, Jed’s Godfather and the Campbells most trusted friend.

Ray was not the quintessential mob enforcer found throughout the syndicates chain but earned the deepest love and respect from Mr. Romano because of his unwavering loyalty landing him the role of Jed’s shadow.

As Jed grew in age and teachings of Ray, the two quickly became a force for good, bringing Karma to those who fed on the weak.

This is a series based on the justice system established by these two men that would be supported by the blind eye of local law enforcement whose hands were tied by a failed legal system.