Ray Moretti; Jed’s Heavy

fb_img_1548156859341A lot can be said about Ray.  He was introduced to Jed when Jed was at a pivotal age when he lost both parents on that tragic night in North Charleston.  Even though Jed had a tight ring of people who loved and cared for him, there was a deep seeded fear that he would become an angry young man and turn to trouble.

That is when Diego Romano, Lawrence and Lilian’s best friend and confidant chose his best and most trusted enforcer to help keep Jed grounded and protected through those troubled early years.

Ray Moretti is a thick, muscular set fellow standing at a respectable five feet nine inches tall and a child to parents who were immigrants from old Calabria, Italy. A man in his mid thirties when he was introduced to Jed had earned the trust of Diego through hard work and loyalty.  Ray is a man that could be trusted under any situation because of his quick but level headed thinking.  Honest to a fault, Ray will never sacrifice honor or dignity and will kill to protect those he was sworn to.

Ray has a warm side that he will allow to peek through to those who have gained his trust.  He enjoys his time with Jed and Jed’s tiny circle of childhood friends when they gather on slow days at their favorite local hangout.

The only weakness that Ray has is ice cream.  Jed got him hooked on the “evil cream” when Ray fist came to live with Jed.  “Evil cream” is a phrase coined by a pissed off Miss Mary who hates when her boys blow off dinner for ice cream and will verbally cut their asses for it.

Ray counts himself lucky to be the heavy for Jed and his family.  Growing up in an Italian household in New Jersey, Ray knew he was loved as a child but living with Jed and his folks in the deep south gave Ray a whole new appreciation for family and he wasn’t about to let anyone or thing interfere with that.

Now that Jed is in his late twenties Diego gave Ray the permission to remain with Jed as his heavy seeing the work Ray had done to keep Jed straight.  Except now, Jed grew to over six feet in height and solid muscle.  No one knowingly crossed Jed and with his legendary take down of local bullies, The Karma kings were born and this was blessed by Diego.