Kimberly Legare- Damsel in distress

Kimberly Legare (pronounced Le gree) is an only child to Doctor Felix and his wife Peggy Legare.  Kimberly is a social services councilor for the medical university and works in discharge planning for substance abuse.  A tall, (5′ 11″) beautiful blonde hair, blue eyed woman whom finds herself crossing paths with Ray and Jed one particular lowcountry evening.

Kimberly loves to read and has few close friends,  being a practicing social services councilor she has little tolerance for fake friends.  Her on again, off again relationship with Josh Horner was a blessing at one time that soon became a social experiment gone wrong.  It seems that Josh’s drinking problems soon became a prescription drug addiction.  And when he combined the two, Kimberly became his punching bag.  In the early stages, Kimberly thought that she could save Josh but realized how beyond help he was the night Ray “helped” her out.

A bubbly personality, Kimberly desperately searches in all the wrong places and for all the wrong reasons for the love and security absent in an empty father/daughter relationship.