Josh Horner- Wanna Be Thug

Josh Horner is a late twenties, washed up college football star who blew a shot at the pro’s because of his cocky attitude.  Sure, most football stars feel entitled but Josh was over the top.  He is a guy growing up in a wealthy household whose parents substituted love and attention with athletics and afterschool activities, where everyone got a trophy just for showing up.

Josh had talent but wasn’t taught the fundamentals of good sportsmanship and dedication to something higher than himself. So when he realized his dreams caught the last train out of realville, he did the only thing a washed up athlete will do; fake an injury and turn his bitterness to prescription drugs and alcohol.  A natural hothead, he kept a body of solid muscle for intimidation purposes but it didn’t hurt that it helped with getting dates.

Josh met Kimberly a year ago when their eyes met in a crowded downtown hangout.  They shared a few dances and several drinks when Josh realized he could manipulate this young lady.  Josh always boasted to his friends how easy it was to spot a woman with “daddy issues”.  “They are the easiest to hook up with” he laughed, “they need to fill that void with a dude that is going to give them what daddy didn’t and that includes an ass beating now and then.”

So it was that as Kimberly unknowingly searched for the warm, caring and protection of a dominant male in Josh, she was left to struggle with the mental and physical abuse followed by the affection Josh would give.

As Josh’s addictions became worse so did the abuse as he sensed that Kimberly was beginning to look for a way out of the relationship.  As she became distant, he became more possessive and controlling to the point where he didn’t even hide his abusive behavior in public, that’s when he met Ray.