Joey Griffith- Jed’s Partner

Joey (Joseph) Griffith is a 30 something guy that Jed and Ray befriend while attending a cigar convention in Tampa, Florida.  Jed and Ray were there to research the possibilities of breaking into the cigar industry by starting their own company when they met Joey.

Joey is an average guy, married to Jane Griffith and they have a son named Joseph, Jr..  Joey started his company from his garage rolling cigars for corporate events, private parties, etc.  His demeanor, honesty and passion for the leaf helped him gain support in certain circles but it was his perfectly crafted stogies that was keeping his doors open, barely.

Joey’s passion and his work ethic kept him one step ahead of the creditors that would soon be harassing him if he didn’t catch his break soon.  He kept his overhead to the bare bones balancing home finances with the small company debt.

Joey and Jane both grew up in lower middle income households in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Being raised in the rust belt meant you either worked in the mines in West Virginia or in some form of steel manufacturing when you graduated high school.  College was for the wealthier kids so Joey knew as a dreamer he had to work hard to break that mold.

He and Jane were high school sweethearts.  They eloped just after graduation and with heads full of dreams and hearts full of adventure, the couple made their way toward the equator in search of their forever.  Living life from town to town, paycheck to paycheck and state to state, they eventually found themselves settling in Spring Hill, Florida.  Spring Hill was close enough to the water and the cost of living was manageable.