Billy and Brian- Jed and Ray’s closest friends

Billy Hill and Brian Connor have known Jed since early childhood.  School friends that grew up to become as brothers and where the support that Jed needed when he lost his parents.  Billy and Brian knew Jed came from money and had an idea of his wealth but never bothered to ask for anything more than his friendship.  The three were inseparable and even into adulthood, spend as much time together as possible.  Even Ray has never had anything but love and respect for the boys.

Billy Hill is an ornery, street smart man with a big heart.  Much like Jed and Brian, Billy is a Charleston blue blood whose family could trace their heritage back before the revolutionary war.  Billy comes from a humble family.  His father is a craftsman of the finest quality and his mother is an accountant at a small construction company.  Through Billy and Jed’s friendship, Billy’s father became the sole contractor for the upkeep on Jed’s home and Billy works with his father.

Brian Connor is the only one of the three men who was married.  Brian finished high school and went on to college to major in computer science.  As a computer genius, Brian works for a small, local firm providing contract work for the local and Federal government.  Specializing in cyber security Brian is often able to help Jed and Ray with some of their background work on difficult cases.

Brian has a love of the newest craft beers especially if they are local and is always excited to introduce them to his friends.  Brian has a big heart and that can sometimes get the better of him.  His wife, Amber is a passive aggressive who has a spending problem.  She is a stay at home wife and lives as if she is rich leaving Brian to stress over the bills.