Basilio and Luciana Martinez- A farmer and his daughter

Basilio Martinez is a tobacco farmer who lives outside of Constanza in the Dominican Republic.  Originally born Cuban, Basilio fled with his family from the guerrilla uprising and the dictatorship of Castro like a lot of tobacco farmers at the time.  Being a small boy, he learned the trade of growing tobacco from his father and was born with the passion for producing the finest leaf.

Basilio lost his wife to cancer when their only child, Luciana was only 12 years old.  Basilio never remarried but gave Luciana the best childhood he could.  He inherited the family farm when his own parents passed away and kept the traditions of his family.  Luciana though devastated by the loss of her mother was raised as a lady by the head maid Angelina.

As Luciana grew, she developed into a beautiful woman, tall and slender much like her mother.  Raised by her father with the help of Angelina, Luciana was proud of her humble roots and possessed a caring, gracious heart.  Because of the business her father ran, Luciana was no stranger to the personalities of the men who would ask her for a date. She was quick to guard herself against the smiling eyes and pretty words from the men who would come to call.  Basilio never worried as he knew his daughters heart but was concerned that maybe she was hiding from the outside world and would have regrets later in life.